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These are some of the frequently questions asked - feel free to get in contact in case you have a question not covered by the content below


What can I expect by joining Yarra Ranges Volleyball Club?

Our teams train once or twice a week (depending on division) and play competitive volleyball in Volleyball Victoria’s State League. Joining YRVC will enable you to be selected in a team that is suited to your skill level and you will train and play in a supportive and encouraging environment. If you aim to work towards reaching a higher team at the club, consistent training and match play alongside our fantastic coaches will assist you to do so. Follow this link for more information about State League on the Volleyball Victoria website: https://volleyballvictoria.org.au/

Who is in charge of running the club?

We have a small committee of 7-9 members that meet regularly to discuss club matters. The committee is made up of volunteers, mostly parents, coaches and athletes. We are a volunteer run club and rely on the help of our community to provide training sessions, uniforms, quality coaching, admin and match play for each of our athletes. We are always on the lookout for new committee members to fill a range of roles. Our club Annual General Meeting is held around March, where all committee roles are declared vacant and positions are refilled.

Please contact Steve Holder or Mikaylah Faltyn if you have any questions regarding committee roles or would like to nominate for a position.

Joining, Costs and Uniforms

How do I join Yarra Ranges Volleyball Club?

We run trials in January / February where players are evaluated on their abilities and selected in the appropriate team. To register for trials, please proceed to the Trial Registration Event on our website. Please note that there is a $50 trial fee that you will be directed to pay after completing the form.

How much does it cost to play the season?

Club season fees may vary slightly from year to year, however our 2022 fees can be used as an approximate indicator. 2022 fees were as follows:

Premier 1/Premier 2 - $590

Reserves 1/Reserves 2/Reserves 3 - $490

Juniors - $325

**There was an option to receive an ‘early bird discount’ of $30 off your season fee, if payment is made before a certain cut off date.

Athletes are also required to become a Volleyball Victoria member, which incurs a cost of $95 for adults and $70 for U19s.

Athletes also must purchase a uniform at a cost of approximately $45 for a playing top and $30-$35 for playing shorts. We also have other optional uniform items available for purchase (hoodie, warm up top, polo, socks).

When do I have to pay the club fees?

Club season fees will be payable after trials are completed, and must be paid before the State League games start. There is a possibility that a holding fee will be requested to be paid straight after trials, to hold the place in the selected team.

What uniform am I required to wear to play?

Men - Required to wear a Yarra Ranges playing top and Yarra Ranges playing shorts. Black socks must be worn and these must be plain or have the YRVC logo on them.

Women - Required to wear a Yarra Ranges playing top and Joust black bike shorts. Black socks must be worn and these must be plain or have the YRVC logo on them.

All uniform items are available for purchasable at the Australian Volleyball Warehouse (https://www.avw.net.au/).

Kneepads and ankle braces may be worn and can be black or white. Playing top and mens shorts sizes will be available to try at AVW, to determine your size.

How old do I have to be to play for Yarra Ranges?

There is no minimum age requirement to play State League, however we recommend that athletes at least be in secondary school (12-13 years old) before they join a team.

If I trial, am I guaranteed a spot in a team?

Whilst we cannot guarantee that every athlete will be selected, we have never ‘cut’ an athlete from our program before due to numbers. We have always been able to find a spot for each athlete and hope we can continue to do so.

I have never played volleyball before - can I join?

Our teams play in a State League, so it will be expected that a player is able to play competitive volleyball. However, there are multiple skill levels in different divisions, so as long as you have a minimum ability to play (at a Reserves 3 level), you are able to join a team. This is why we recommend our athletes be at least in secondary school - so that they have had the opportunity to try volleyball in a competitive school setting first.

Are there any elite players at Yarra Ranges Volleyball Club?

Yes - you might meet a few Volleyroos and AVL Vipers players!

Who are the coaches at Yarra Ranges Volleyball Club?

We have some very experienced coaches, parents that have taken on coaching roles and player/coaches. Some of our coaches have experience and certifications at State and National Levels, whilst other coaches at the lower divisions are still learning the fundamentals of coaching. No matter which division you play in, you can be sure that your coach is dedicated, passionate, supportive and committed to learning. We encourage our athletes to have a go at coaching a team once they feel ready, providing ample opportunity for them to gain employment with these coaching skills at various schools as well as coaching at Yarra Ranges. We are very lucky to have Women’s ex-Volleyroos Captain, Kelly Lean, as our coaching liaison, working closely with our coaching group to develop their skills. Kelly runs development sessions for our coaches and assists them on game days when she can.


When is training?

Teams typically train on Tuesday and/or Thursday evenings, with each team allocated a specific time slot. Junior and Reserves 2/3 teams train once a week (approx 1.5 hour session), and Reserves 1 and Premier teams train twice a week (approx 1.5-2 hour sessions). Training times are confirmed once teams are selected.

Where is training?

We train at the Yarra Valley Grammar Sports Complex, entrance via Plymouth Road.

Are parents expected to stay during training?

Parents are not expected but are welcome to stay and watch training and there is a seating area above the courts with good viewing. Please note that unfortunately sometimes we are required to ban or limit spectators due to government health guidelines.

Do I have to wear my uniform to training?

No. Train in whatever you feel comfortable in.

State League Competition

When does the State League competition run?

In 2022, Round 1 of State League is on 10th April and Grand Finals are played on 28th August.

When are games played?

Games are mostly played on Saturdays. On the odd occasion there may be a Sunday game or midweek game, however clubs are usually first consulted about player availability for these games. Junior games are mostly played at 8:30am and 10am. Reserves and Premier games are mostly played at 10am, 12pm, 2pm or 4pm. There may be rare occasions where games are scheduled at 5pm.

Where are games played?

Most games are played at the home of Volleyball Victoria -  State Volleyball Centre in Dandenong. However due to the expansion of the league, games are also played at a range of other venues. These include Mazenod College Mulgrave, Springers Leisure Keysborough, Maribyrnong College, Maroondah Nets Heathmont and Endeavour Hills Leisure.

The club also plays one country round (Latrobe or Bendigo usually). Whilst this can be a challenge to get to, we work with athletes and families to organize carpooling arrangements. Two games are usually played on this day due to the travel time (eg. 10am game and 2pm game). All YRVC teams usually have their country round in the same week, so it turns out to be a really fun round where athletes get the chance to watch other YRVC teams play!

Please note that some venues may charge an entry fee for athletes and spectators.

Will I be expected to play all games?

Yes. By joining the club, you are committing to play all games. We select approx. 10 players for each team based on the assumption that all players will be available. Circumstances of unavailability that cannot be avoided will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Will I be expected to perform duties besides the games?

Yes - athletes are required to perform duty some weeks (approx. 8 out of 16 rounds). This may require you to be a referee, line judge or scorer. Duties are usually scheduled before or after your team’s game (eg. 10am duty, 12pm game, all on the same court). Coaches and club staff will assist players that have not completed duty roles before. We will teach you!

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